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We are your trusted wingman

The common denominator for the Talent C coaches is a background in the corporate world … We know that in times of change, the risk for demotivation, uncertainty, decrease in productivity is likely to appear. Our many years in hands-on leadership roles have taught us how to address even delicate issues and always with the greatest respect for the confidentially and humbleness towards each and every need – for all employees and managers.

In dynamic organisations, change is a driving force … and change is unavoidable … We help to stay dynamic without losing momentum because of demotivation, uncertainty etc. through individual sessions with the employees.

The point of departure is the individual and this is our starting point.

In the 1:1 sessions we touch a variety of subjects; competencies, goals, motivation, challenges, talent profile, dreams & aspirations, action plans etc.
This combined with our various accreditations in coaching and counselling we, in all humbleness, see us as real “wingmen”.

Henrik Breinholt
Henrik is an experienced professional senior manager around all areas of HR and business in general. With a career of more than 20 years within some of Denmark’s largest companies (e.g. APM, Danisco, EY, Siemens, DSB), he has been exposed to a large array of learning points.He is a certified Transition Coach (EMCC) and certified in the Talent Management Assessment tool (TMA).
His speciality lies in understanding the business value proposition and working in the undefined area between HR, IT and leadership.
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Berit Becker Nielsen
Associated Partner


    We have more than 6000 coaching/counselling/ mentoring sessions (1:1)
    We are tied closely to the business / industry (min 20 years of active careers per consultant – positions like director, manager, executive leader, companies in the Danish C20 index, internationally and locally)
    We are accredited by the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)
    As a starting point the conversations / meetings will take place at our office
    We always operate with a Non Disclosure Agreement


We are helping organisations optimising and using their employees’ individual talents and motivation. This because a talent based focus gives you more efficient and effective employees and higher motivation. This strengthens your performance.


Organisations are dynamic and constantly on the move. How is your organisation handling changes in a changing environment? How are your leaders and employees prepared to manage uncertainty?

When would you benefit from using Talent C sessions? We have asked our customers these questions and based on that we are offering these sessions to accodomate their needs:

  • Improved Performance
    – from off-track to on-track
    – from on-track to exceed
  • New in the role as a manager / leader
    – first time managers
  • Experience manager sparring
    – coaching, counselling, conversations on a senior level


The Talent C sessions are based on the core of Talent Motivation Analysis tool (TMA) which gives a dataset and a conversation framework to base the sessions on.

Conversations are individual but always with a clear and agreed purpose.

We of course garantee full confidentiality and a non-disclosure agreement.


As an external partner we act as a trusted partner to the employees … We use coaching and counselling in order to find the pain points and the solutions for the employee – and the point of the departure is the individual … and his/her talent motivation.

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